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Award winning residential design and consulting since 1969!

A referral based company that has been fulfilling thousands of homeowners dreams throughout Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Arkansas, the Carolina's and Florida for almost fifty years!

We are one of the very few residential designers that have also built literally hundreds and hundred of all types and sizes of homes we have designed in the past!

We offer  new home designs, remodeling designs, kitchen & bath designs, builder referrals and so, so much more

We look forward to being of service!

As NE Florida's most experienced designers, we are extremely competitive, creative and competent and are used by builders and owners far and wide!


Feel free to explore why Chip is Northeast Florida's most experienced residential designer and consultant!


Many times folks are afraid to make a commitment to one builder and want to "play the field".  We recommend interviewing and selecting a builder on the front end and doing a "Design-Build".  We have found this is always in your best interest and gives you the most bang for your buck!  Not only that, but this can save you a lot of time and money and get your dream started much faster!  We now present below the case for design-build of your new home or "why you cannot build a home the way you used to and not expect to lose money"


Many creeks provide owners with a little bit of affordable waterfront Heaven on earth!


Nothing is more enjoyable than sitting on the rear porch swing and enjoying the breezes from the longest river in Florida, and only one of two rivers worldwide that flows south to north; the beautiful St. Johns river!


Many times as parents age they move in with children.  And of course sometimes children move back in with parents.  We are experts in making this happen and still keep their independence!


Sometimes a one or two story home will just not do.  This is not about keeping up with the Jones's but acquiring more space on a small lot or picking up even more fabulous views of the land and/or water!


Throughout the Southeast and especially Florida, we are blessed with hundreds of beautiful pristine lakes to raise active children on!


Preserving the past with an eye to the future!  Besides, these historic homes could never be affordably duplicated if built new so we really like preserving the past with an eye on the future!


These are considered the heart of the home and is the most direct way to increase the value of your property and function for your family!


One of the best ways to "get more bang for your buck" is using what is known as attic frame or box frame trusses to create very inexpensive footage on a second floor!


Outdoor living has come of age in the South and we are well equipped to help you discover why Florida is the place to be for enjoying the outdoors all year round cooking, eating and entertaining! 


A RV port-home is a new concept for the active empty nester with the itch to travel America. The term port-home is used because it pairs a small footprint, single-family home (1 or 2 bedrooms/1 or 2 baths) with an “RV port” (think of a large carport, or can be an enclosed garage, for the RV). Port- homes fully integrate the home’s interior living area and the RV with a connecting patio/courtyard area that can be covered or open, with features such as an outdoor kitchen, planters, a fireplace/fire pit, and maybe even a courtyard waterfall. This means that a relatively small port-home footprint can enjoy much more functional living area when the courtyard and RV is incorporated in the overall design. 


1. Meet at your home with your spouse or significant other


We prefer to meet in your home for several reasons.  The least of which is to see your tastes and desires.  But also because most of our clients have children and we want them to stay where they are comfortable, allowing you to devote your energy to your home ideas.  We can also meet anywhere else if that is more convenient

2. Walk your property


It is very important to get us a copy of the  survey of your property and walk your land in order to explore site conditions, etc.  If you do not have land we are very good at helping you find that perfect piece of paradise.

3. Prepare preliminary floor plans for review


Our Chief Architect 3D design software is basically an Enso Ferrari and not a Model "T" like Autocad and everything emanates from a completed floor plan

4. Review and make appropriate adjustments to get everything just perfect for you and your family


Once the floor plans are exactly the way you want then we create the foundation, roof and elevation plans for your review and approval

5. Create final complete plans for pricing and permitting


Final working drawings are what you see in some of our samples.  These are very comprehensive as they should be in order to proceed for truss and building engineering and permitting and ultimately pricing by your contractor and construction of your dream

6. Settle up financially for all services provided


Unlike every other architect and designer that we are familiar with, we typically do not require a deposit.  Our philosophy is we should be able to fund our business  which we have been doing for almost 50 years


Many times a client wishes to bid a project out.  There is only one way to do that effectively and get accurate comparative pricing and it is the right way!  For over 40 years we have been doing what we call a "BIDPAK" which is five documents to have all builders quoting apples to apples and not apples to plums!  We hope you find this as helpful as have scores of builders and owners in the past!  We recommend no more than three qualified contractors provide pricing within 30 days.  When a this organized process is complete all bidders are typically within 3-5% of each other!


This is list of suppliers, vendors and tradesman that we have vetted since 1978 and their contact information.   When using this list please let them know that Chip Mitchell referred them and they will treat you like gold!

NAHB - National Association of Home Builders

 NAHB serves the home building, development and remodeling industry by promoting policies that encourage the production of quality housing that meets the needs of families across the economic spectrum. We stand for a safe workplace, cost-effective rules and regulations and sustainable construction practices. 

Find out more

NEFBA - Northeast Florida Association of Home Builders

 At NEFBA, we are proud to hold the status of the state’s largest builders association.  Backed by our 70-year-history of networking, community outreach and industry development, NEFBA’s primary goal is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Northeast Florida.  Our members are dedicated to that same goal.   

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This is the "Gold Standard" for acceptable construction quality that you can expect by which all professional building contractors subscribe to!


Extreme caution is advised! There are very specific rules regarding copyrighted works as specified by the Architectural Works Protection Act of 1990 that Congress passed you should download and familiarize yourself with prior to designing a project to insure you are not putting yourself at financial risk for copyright infringement!  NOTE:  THE COPYRIGHT LAWS HAVE HELD UP IN THE NORTHEAST FLORIDA COURT SYSTEM; RESULTING IN SIX FIGURE FINANCIAL SETTLEMENTS FOR ALL VIOLATORS INCLUDING OWNERS, DESIGNERS, BUILDERS, ETC.!


New Custom Home Design


Since 1969, we have designed some of the most functional, economical and beautiful homes in the southeast.  We can help you create the perfect plan!

Remodeling Designs & Additions


If you already have that dream location sometimes you just want to update your home to make it more functional and comfortable.  We can help!

Qualified Builder Referrals


Since coming to Northeast Florida in 1978, we have always been the go to source to refer you to the vetted and financially stable Construction Professional that can take our plans and turn them into that special place of your dreams!

Kitchen and Bath Designs


Nothing says welcome home like a fabulous kitchen or bath.  We are experts in helping you to create that perfect space for your family to enjoy!

Bank Financing Referrals


Although we have created the perfect plan together, sometimes finding a quality lender to provide funds can be very challenging, We have several banks that are willing to work with you.  We also specialize in putting together the complete packet typically required by the lending institution.

Permit Packaging and Processing


We are extremely current on local home building and zoning codes and can coordinate everything required to obtain building permits quickly and efficiently!


For almost fifty years we have been a handskake kind of company where our word is our bond!  99.99% of the time we do just that- shake hands on it!  However, sometimes we have clients who are more comfortable using a written contract.  For those clients we use the attached agreement for your review and consideration.



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We offer free in-home first time consulting!

Since 1969 we have found meeting with our clients in their home allows us to see their tastes and more importantly allows those clients with children to keep their children in the comfort of the home while planning their future dream residence.

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